The Our Gang comedies began in 1922, and lasted until 1944, spanning 221 films. Here is a complete listing of the 221 films, listed in the order they were filmed. Note that some films were not released in the order they were shot. The first film shot, "Our Gang", was the third film released! Film titles in red indicate the film is a lost film. No copies or negatives of it are known to exist anywhere in the world in any form. Please remember to CHECK YOUR ATTICS AND GARAGES, and donate to film preservation funds!
1Our Gang11/5/22One reel of this two reel film has recently been found, and restored by the American Film Institute. The AFI showed this one reel in a public appearance in January, 1999!
2Fire Fighters10/8/22The Gang creates their own fire department, and expose bootleggers. Remade as Hook & Ladder.
3Young Sherlocks11/26/22Jackie Condon and Sunshine Sammy are aspiring detectives.
4One Terrible Day9/10/22In order to maintain her position as a leader of local society a rich woman sponsors a children's outing. The mischievous Gang are turned loose in her plush surroundings.
5A Quiet Street12/31/22A new kid has just moved into the neighborhood. His father is a policeman, but the scruffy Gang decide to beat him up anyway.
6Saturday Morning12/3/22The Gang decide no one loves them at home, so they build a raft and sail away to become pirates.
7The Big Show2/25/23The Gang create their own county fair.
8The Cobbler2/18/23The Gang likes to hang around the shoe-repair shop, and the boys compete for rich Mary when she shows up to get her shoes repaired.
9The Champeen1/28/23Sammy becomes a fight promoter between Mickey & Jackie over the affections of Mary. Remade as Boxing Gloves.
10Boys to Board4/8/23The Gang live in an orphans home with a wicked hag, and kindly Pop Malone. Remade as Mush and Milk.
11A Pleasant Journey3/18/23The gang switch places with some orphans on a train. Remade as Choo-Choo!
12Giants vs. Yanks5/13/23The Gang is at a wealthy couple's house, when the place gets quarantined for one week due to a contagious fever. In that week the couple learn to despise the Gang!
13Back Stage6/8/23The gang meets the head of a second-rate vaudeville troupe, who engages them to assist in his performance that night at a local theater. Without half trying, the Gang manage to wreck the entire show, and have a grand time in the bargain.
14Dogs Of War7/1/23The gang plays war, then sneak into the backlot of a local studio that Mary works at as an extra. They cause trouble and visit Harold Lloyd filming his current feature "Why Worry?"
15Lodge Night7/29/23When new boy Joe Cobb comes to town, the Gang recruits him for their fraternal order, the Cluck Cluck Klams.
16Fast Company11/16/24This film is not available for viewing.
17Stage Fright10/?/23The Gang put on a stage show taking place in ancient Rome. Remade as Shivering Shakespeare.
18July Days8/26/23The local blacksmith loves the boys of the gang and builds them sail-propelled scooters to play with.
19Sunday Calm12/16/23The Gang manage to ruin a Sunday picnic for two neighboring families!
20No Noise9/23/23Sick Mickey Daniels gets visited by the Gang in the hospital, who cause havoc.
21Derby Day11/?/23The Gang sets up their own race track.
22Tire Trouble1/13/24The Gang run their own taxi, full of gadgets and devices. A local sick boy goes for a ride, and gets cured in the process. Remade as Free Wheeling.
23Big Business2/10/24The Gang opens a deluxe barbershop. Not related in any way to the Laurel & Hardy film with the same title.
24The Buccaneers3/9/24The Gang play pirates, and accidentally find themselves drifting out to sea.
25Seein' Things4/6/24Every time Farina eats meat, he has strange nightmares. After he finds a basket of food, he has a very strange dream!
26Commencement Day5/4/24The last day of school, and everything goes wrong during the commencement ceremony.
27It's A Bear7/27/24The Gang goes hunting.
28Cradle Robbers6/1/24The gang is forced to baby-site with it's younger brothers and sisters instead of going fishing, but when they learn that there's a baby show in town, they try to turn their drudgery into a profitable enterprise.
29Jublio Jr.6/29/24Jublio (Will Rogers) tells a story in flashback of when he was kid. Mickey Daniels plays Jublio as a child.
30High Society8/24/24Mickey is separated from his Uncle Pat and from the gang, when his wealthy aunt Kate adopts him. The gang comes to visit, and cause havoc in the house.
31The Sun Down Limited9/21/24The gang build their own railroad line on an abandoned piece of track
32Every Man For Himself10/19/24The gang is confronted with a pair of twins, but they don't know it. One is tough, and one is timid.
33The Mysterious Mystery!12/14/24Little rich boy Adelbert Wallingford is kidnapped, so Mickey the Mastermind, otherwise known as Sherlock Hawkshaw, goes to work with his team of detectives.
34The Big Town1/11/25The gang are sitting in an empty boxcar at the railroad yard, when the door suddenly closes, and the next morning they find themselves in New York City!
35Circus Fever2/8/25They boys get "speckled fever" so they can skip school, and go to the circus instead.
36Dog Days3/8/25This film is not available for viewing.
37The Love Bug4/5/25The gang turns to Grandma for advice and help, especially when love matches aren't working out too well for Farina and Joe.
38Ask Grandma5/31/25A companion piece to The Love Bug, Mickey and his Grandma are best friends.
39Shootin' Injuns5/3/25The gang plan to run away from home and spend their time shooting Indians, but they come across a "crazy house" filled with magnetic contraptions.
40Official Officers6/28/25The Gang get appointed as special deputies, whose first job is to maintain law and order, and whose second job is to make people happy.
41Mary, Queen of Tots8/23/25Mary wishes she has some friends to play with, and her dolls appear to come to life!
42Boys Will Be Joys7/26/25The Gang set up their own amusement park with the help of a sixty-year-old benefactor.
43Better Movies11/1/25The Gang set up their own motion picture enterprise. The only print available for review appears to have been severely cut by a television syndicator, leaving the subject incomplete and minus inter-titles.
44Your Own Back Yard9/27/25Reel one has recently been found in England. No copies of it have been made yet, nor has it been preserved. A copy of reel two was found in 1980, and has been preserved and copied. Hal Roach once stated that this was his personal favorite of all the Our Gang films. Hopefully it will be available to the general public someday!
45One Wild Ride12/6/25The gang make their own taxi service. Remade as Free Wheeling in 1932.
46Good Cheer1/10/26The gang are poor, and don't believe in Santa Claus - they've seen one too many phonies. The two of the older kids, Mickey and Johnny, are visited by the spirit of the real Santa Claus, who inspires them to earn money so they can play Santa for the others.
47Buried Treasure2/14/26As the title suggests, the gang goes on a hunt for buried treasure.
48Monkey Business3/21/26No relation to the Marx Brothers film with the same title. The gang picks on Farina, so Farina finds a monkey who gets drunk and causes trouble for them!
49Baby Clothes4/25/26A conniving couple has been collecting $50 a week for the support of two nonexistent children from a rich uncle who lives out of town. Now the uncle is coming to visit, and they must produce two kids for his approval.
50Uncle Tom's Uncle5/30/26
51Thundering Fleas7/18/26
52Shivering Spooks8/8/26
53The Fourth Alarm9/12/26
54War Feathers11/21/26
55Seeing The World2/13/27
56Telling Whoppers12/19/26
57Bring Home The Turkey1/16/27
58Ten Years Old3/13/27
59Love My Dog4/17/27
60Tired Business Men5/15/27
61Baby Brother6/?/27Rich boy Joe wants a baby brother, and the Gang round up children for Joe.
62Chicken Feed11/6/27
63Olympic Games9/11/27
64The Glorious Fourth6/26/27
65Playin' Hookey1/1/28
66The Smile Wins2/26/28
67Yale vs. Harvard9/24/27This film is considered lost. No prints of it exist for viewing.
68The Old Wallop10/22/27This film has been recently found in Munich on 9.5mm stock. It has been copied, and preserved finally. Richard Bann said this film was actually quite good.
69Heebee Jeebees11/19/27This film is considered lost. No prints of it exist for viewing.
70Dog Heaven12/17/27Pete is despondent and wants to end it all because Joe has a new girlfriend.
71Spook Spoofing1/14/28
72Rainy Days2/11/28
73Edison, Marconi & Co.3/10/28This film is considered lost. No prints of it exist for viewing.
74Barnum & Ringling, Inc.4/7/28
75Fair And Muddy5/5/28This film is considered lost. No prints of it exist for viewing.
76Crazy House6/2/28
77Growing Pains9/22/28This film is considered lost. No prints of it exist for viewing.
78Old Gray Hoss10/20/28
79School Begins11/17/28This film has been recently found, but the only existing print is in poor condition. It has not yet been copied or preserved.
80The Spanking Age12/15/28
81Election Day1/12/29
82Noisy Noises2/2/29
83The Holy Terror3/9/29This film is considered lost. No prints of it exist for viewing.
84Wiggle Your Ears4/6/29
85Fast Freight5/4/29
86Little Mother6/1/29
87Cat, Dog & Co.9/14/29
88Saturday's Lesson11/9/29
89Small Talk5/18/29In Our Gang's first all-talking short and only three-reeler, Mary Ann is despondent because her brother Wheezer is adopted from the orphanage without her.
90Railroadin'5/15/29The Gang go for a wild ride on a locomotive after Loco-Joe starts the train up and jumps off!
91Boxing Gloves9/9/29Joe & Chubby put on their boxing gloves to fight over the affections of Jean Darling. Silent except for the scenes with dialogue.
92Lazy Days8/15/29Lazy Farina lounges around on a hot summer day.
93Bouncing Babies10/12/29Wheezer feels neglected when his new baby brother gets all the attention.
94Moan & Groan, Inc.12/7/29The Gang goes exploring in an old house, with vagrant Max Davidson in hiding.
95Shivering Shakespeare1/25/30The school play goes all wrong!
96The First Seven Years3/1/30Jackie Cooper likes Mary Ann, but must duel with Donald Haines for her attention.
97When The Wind Blows4/5/30Jackie Cooper gets locked out of the house on a dark windy night. Kennedy the cop always gets his man!
98Bear Shooters5/17/30The gang goes camping near a bootlegger's distillery.
99A Tough Winter6/21/30Stepin Fetchit helps the gang cleanup a house full of taffy on a cold winter day.
100Pups Is Pups8/30/30Wheezer rings the bell, and his puppies come running! The first short with that wonderful music!
101Teachers Pet10/11/30Jackie Cooper arranges to get the Gang out of school, but the new teacher Miss Crabtree turns out to be a pip!
102School's Out11/22/30When Miss Crabtree's brother comes to visit at school, the Gang thinks he's a suitor, and try to get rid of him.
103Helping Grandma1/3/31The Gang helps out a kindly old woman with her general store.
104Love Business2/14/31Miss Crabtree comes to stay with Jackie Cooper, and Chubby comes over to woo her!
105Little Daddy3/28/31Little Stymie lives with Farina, but the authorities want to take him away to the orphanage.
106Bargain Day5/2/31Poor little rich girl Shirley is so lonely! Wheezer & Stymie come over and soon the police alarm is tripped.
107Fly My Kite5/30/31Grandma from "Helping Grandma" is being turned out into the street by her son-in-law, and he tries to steal her valuable securities.
108Big Ears8/29/31Wheezer's parents argue all the time, and a divorce is looming. Wheezer thinks his parents are loving when he's sick, so he eats everything he can to make himself sick.
109Shiver My Timbers10/10/31The Gang hangs around the docks, listening to the sea tales of Billy Gilbert when they should be in school.
110Dogs Is Dogs11/21/31Wheezer, Dorothy and Pete live with Spud, and his mean stepmother. "Well, well, Spud fell in the well" - Wheezer
111Readin' and Writin'2/2/32Brisbane wants to be expelled from school so he can be a street car conductor.
112Free Eats2/11/32The Gang go to an outdoor party where a couple of midgets ("fidgets" as Stymie calls them) are dressed like babies and pickpocketing the crowd.
113Spanky3/26/32The Gang puts on a show in the barn while Spanky goes "bug huntin'" in the house and finds all daddy's hidden money.
114Choo-Choo!5/7/32The Gang changes place with orphans on the train, and Del Henderson has to take care of them.
115The Pooch6/11/32Poor Stymie and baby Spanky need to raise $5 before Pete is given the gas by the dog catcher!
116Hook And Ladder8/27/32The Gang start their own fire station, and do a pretty good job by putting out a real fire.
117Free Wheeling10/1/32Dickie has a stiff neck, and Stymie gives him some excitement in his runaway taxi.
118Birthday Blues11/12/32Dickie and Stymie make a cake to raise money for Dickie's mother's birthday present. Weep-wow!
119A Lad An' a Lamp12/17/32The Gang think they've found a magic lamp, and mistakenly think Spanky changed Cotton into a monkey!
120Fish Hooky1/28/33The Gang play hookey, while Miss Kornman takes the class to the amusement park. To go on the rides they have to avoid the truant officer who wants to take them to the reform school!
121Forgotten Babies3/11/33The Gang leaves Spanky to care for their little brothers & sisters while they go fishing. Remarkable!
122The Kid From Borneo4/15/33The Gang thinks Bumbo, the wild man from the circus, is Spanky's Uncle George. Yum-yum, eat-um-up, eat-um-up!
123Mush And Milk5/27/33The Gang live in an orphanage with a hag, and ol' Cap, awaiting his back-pension.
124Bedtime Worries9/9/33Spanky is afraid to sleep alone for the first time, and a burgular comes into the house.
125Wild Poses10/28/33Spanky is taken to get his picture taken, but is afraid of getting "shot"!
126Hi'-Neighbor!3/3/34The Gang builds a fire engine to compete with the snobby new kid on the block.
127For Pete's Sake!4/14/34The Gang must raise money for a new doll for Marianne, and is compelled to trade Pete for the doll.
128The First Round-Up5/5/34The Gang goes camping, but only Spanky & Scottie seem to enjoy the night.
129Honky Donkey6/2/34The donkey, Algebra, chases you when you sneeze, and stops when he hears a bell.
130Mike Fright8/25/34The Gang bring their musical talents to a radio amateur hour.
131Washee Ironee9/29/34Rich kid Waldo gets all messed up playing football with the Gang. In the process of washing his clothes they mess up the house.
132Mama's Little Pirate11/3/34The Gang goes treasure hunting in a cave, and come across a giant!
133Shrimps For A Day12/8/34Two rich adults find a lamp, and wish they were kids again. They go back to the orphanage with Mr. Crutch and find he's a crook.
134Anniversary Trouble1/19/35The Woodchuck club elects Spanky to be the treasurer, but Spanky's forgetful dad mistakenly picks up the Gang's money, and they want it back!
135Beginner's Luck2/23/35Spanky's mother wants him to win the prize at the local talent show, but Spanky has the Gang in the audience to mess up his act.
136Teacher's Beau4/27/35The Gang thinks their teacher is going away after she gets married and try to scare off her fiancee.
137Sprucin' Up6/1/35Spanky and Alfalfa vie for the attention of the daughter of the new truant officer.
138The Lucky Corner3/14/36Leonard and his father don't want Old Cap and Scottie running their lemonade stand near theirs. The Gang finds another corner, and puts on a show to stir up business.
139Little Papa9/21/35The Gang want to play football, Spanky must watch his baby sister. The trick is getting her to fall asleep!
140Little Sinner10/26/35Spanky wants to skip Sunday school, but bad things happen to boys who skip Sunday school!
141Our Gang Follies Of 193611/30/35The Gang puts on a show in the basement, with the boys being the Florry Dorries for the finale.
142Divot Diggers2/8/36Spanky and the Gang are made caddies after the real ones go on strike!
143The Pinch Singer1/4/36The Gang try to win a prize in a local radio show talent contest. When Darla doesn't make it on time, Alfalfa has to step in and sing.
144Second Childhood4/11/36An elderly woman makes the Gang do housework after they break a vase of hers. They show her how to have fun again!
145Arbor Day5/2/36Two midgets from the circus get picked up by the truant officer for skipping school. He brings them back in time for the class' Arbor Day show. The last two reel Our Gang comedy.
146Bored Of Education8/20/36Alfalfa pretends to have a toothache to get out of school. But the new teacher has an ice cream party planned, and won't let him back in until he sings. Winner of Academy Award for Best Short Subject of 1936.
147Two Too Young9/26/36Spanky & Alfalfa try to get Porky & Buckwheat to give them their firecrackers because they're too young.
148Pay As You Exit10/24/36The gang put on a performance of Romeo & Juliet, but Alfalfa's onion breath nearly ruins the show.
149Spooky Hooky11/?/36The gang leave a note in the school saying they're sick. After they find out the teacher is taking them to the circus the next day, they have to sneak in the school at night to retrieve the note!
150General Spanky12/11/36The Gang in their first, and only, feature length comedy takes place during the Civil War. Buckwheat needs a "master" and Spanky takes the job.
151Reunion in Rhythm1/9/37Mickey Daniels, Mary Kornman, Stymie, and Joe Cobb return for a class reunion show.
152Glove Taps2/20/37The new tough kid Butch wants to beat up the toughest kid in class, and Alfalfa gets the honor to fight!
153Hearts Are Thumps4/3/37He-Man Woman-Hater Alfalfa falls for Darla on Valentines Day. Spanky & Buckwheat sabotage their lunch basket with soap sandwiches.
154Three Smart Boys5/13/37Alfalfa, Buckwheat, & Spanky want to get out of school again, and go to a veterinarian. They then think that Buckwheat was changed into a monkey!
155Rushin' Ballet4/24/37Spanky & Alfalfa are protectors for Porky & Buckwheat from Butch & Woim. They have to hide in the local dance studio during a performance, and dress up as girls for the show!
156Roamin' Holiday6/12/37The Gang run away from home, and find that life on the road isn't good at all!
157Night 'N' Gales7/24/37On a rainy night, Alfalfa, Spanky, Buckwheat & Porky have to stay over Darla's house, and sleep with Mr. Hood!
158Fishy Tales8/28/37 Butch is ready to beat up Alfalfa again, so Alfalfa pretends he broke his leg by lying in bed, and substituting his let for a fish in a sock.
159Framing Youth9/11/37Butch wants to win the talent show, but Alfalfa plans to sing. Spanky sabotages Alfalfa by putting a frog in his scarf.
160The Pigskin Palooka10/23/37Alfalfa returns from school, where he has bragged that he was a big football hero. The Gang needs Alfalfa for their football game, and Alfalfa is scared to death of football.
161Mail And Female11/13/37The Gang form the He-Man Women-Haters club, and make Alfalfa president. Alfalfa must retrieve his love note from Darla!
162Our Gang Follies Of 193812/18/37Alfalfa wants to sing opera, but everyone wants him to croon. "I'm the barber of Saville"
163Canned Fishing2/12/38Alfalfa & Spanky want to go fishing instead of going to school. Spanky's mom makes them stay home and take care of Junior instead, who wreaks havoc!
164Bear Facts3/5/38Darla's father is the owner of a circus. The Gang want to join by pretending they are bear trainers.
165Three Men In A Tub3/26/38Darla likes the refined Waldo and his boat. Alfalfa builds his own boat and challenges Waldo to a race to win Darla back.
166Came The Brawn4/16/38In an effort to impress Darla, Alfalfa fixes a wrestling match with The Masked Marvel, Waldo. Butch puts on the mask and surprises Alfalfa!
167Feed 'Em And Weep5/7/38It's Mr. Hood's birthday, and the Gang stop by to help celebrate, but all they do is ruin his dinner! "Happy Birthday Mr. Hood, Happy Birthday to you, to make your birthday turn out good I give this present to you!"
168The Awful Tooth5/28/38The Gang want all their teeth pulled out so the tooth fairy will leave them money for baseball equipment.
169Hide And Shriek6/18/38Detectives Alfalfa, Porky and Buckwheat go to a haunted house in the amusement park in search of Darla's missing candy. The last short subject at Hal Roach Studios.
170The Little Ranger8/6/38Alfalfa goes to a western movie and dreams that he is the hero.
171Party Fever8/27/38Alfalfa and Butch run for office in a local boys' government project, to win Darla's affections.
172Aladdin's Lantern9/17/38Porky and Buckwheat continually interrupt the Gang's play.
173Men In Fright10/15/38The Gang visits Darla in the hospital, bringing her good they know she can't eat - so they do.
174Football Romeo11/12/38Alfalfa is downhearted, thinking that he hasn't a chance with Darla, but she and Alfalfa's mother concoct a scheme to dissuade him.
175Practical Jokers12/17/38Butch has perpetrated a series of practical jokes on the Gang, but then the tables are turned at his birthday party.
176Alfalfa's Aunt1/7/39Alfalfa reads one of his aunt's mystery stories and thinks she wants to murder him.
177Tiny Troubles2/18/39Alfalfa "trades" his whiny baby brother for another child - a midget criminal.
178Duel Personalities3/11/39While under a hypnotic spell, Alfalfa thinks he's D'Artagnan and challenges Butch to a duel.
179Clown Princes4/15/39The Gang stages a circus to raise rent money for Porky.
180Cousin Wilbur4/29/39Cousin Wilbur organizes a protection agency; Butch thinks he can take over, since Wilbur is a sissy - but he's proven wrong.
181Joy Scouts6/24/39Too young to join the Boy Scouts, the Gang decides to camp out on their own.
182Dog Daze7/1/39Having received a reward for caring for a lost dog, the Gang tries to raise more money by rounding up all the stray dogs they can.
183Auto Antics7/22/39Butch sabotages the Gang's car just before a kiddie-car race.
184Captain Spanky's Show Boat9/9/39When Butch is turned down to appear in Spanky's show, he seeks revenge.
185Dad For A Day10/21/39Fatherless Mickey wishes he had a father for the annual Father & Son picnic. The mechanic at the garage who likes Mickey's mom takes the job for a day, but turns it into a full time commitment.
186Time Out For Lessons12/2/39Alfalfa's father tells him what alife will be like if he continues to neglect his school work in favor of football.
187Alfalfa's Double1/20/40Alfalfa meets a wealthy lookalike named Cornelius and changes places with him.
188Bubbling Troubles5/25/40To impress Darla, Alfalfa drinks Butch's homemade "dynamite" brew.
189The Big Premiere3/9/40After being kicked out of a local premiere, the Gang decides to film their own movie and stage a gala event.
190All About Hash3/30/40The Gang stages a radio skit to stop Mickey's parents from continually quarreling because she serves hash every Monday night.
191The New Pupil4/27/40Spanky and Alfalfa vie for the attentions of a pretty new girl in school - who doesn't like boys.
192Goin' Fishin'10/26/40The Gang sleeps on the sidewalk overnight in order to catch an early-morning bus and go fishing.
193Good Bad Boys9/7/40Deciding to become criminals, the Gang inadvertently gets mixed up with a real burgular.
194Waldo's Last Stand10/5/40The Gang puts on a show to attract customers to Waldo's lemonade stand. A reworking of The Lucky Corner.
195Kiddie Kure11/23/40The Gang retrieves a baseball that went through a window, and they meet a strange hypochondriac.
196Fightin' Fools1/25/41The Gang challenges Slicker's bunch of rowdies to a fight to settle their disputes.
197Baby Blues2/15/41Mickey's mother is pregnant with her fourth child, and Mickey is worried, having read that every fourth child born in the world is Chinese.
198Ye Olde Minstrels3/18/41The Gang stages a show (with Froggy's Uncle Walter) to raise money for the Red Cross.
199Come Back, Miss Pipps10/25/41The Gang springs into action to save their teacher from losing her job after she has been firec by a mean school superintendent.
2001-2-3 Go!4/26/41After Mickey is hit by a car, the Gang decides to form a safety society.
201Robot Wrecks7/12/41Slicker fools the Gang into buying his Robot, which isn't a Robot at all.
202Helping Hands9/27/41The Gang does their bit at hom by organizing a scrap drive.
203Wedding Worries12/13/41The Gang tries to sabotage Darla's father's marriage when they hear terrible things about stepmothers in general.
204Melodies Old And New1/24/42The Gang stages a show to raise money for football uniforms.
205Going To Press3/7/42The Gang, running a crusading newspaper, tries to pin the identity of a mysterious "boss" running a tough gang.
206Don't Lie4/4/42Everyone thinks Buckwheat is a liar, until he proves he was right about the "spook" at the local haunted house.
207Surprised Parties5/30/42In order to prepare a surprise party for him, the Gang is forced to kick Froggy out of their club temporarily.
208Doin' Their Bit7/18/42The Gang stages a show for all local servicemen.
209Rover's Big Chance8/22/42A casting director decides to put the Gang's dog in movies.
210Mighty Lak A Goat10/10/42After being splashed by mud, the Gang uses a strong-smelling cleaner that makes them unwelcome throughout town.
211Unexpected Riches11/28/42A rich kid tricks the gang into doing his work for him.
212Benjamin Franklin, Jr.1/30/43The Gang puts on a skit from Ben Franklin's "Poor Richard's Almannac" that makes the kids understand the importance of the war.
213Family Troubles4/3/43Janet thinks her parents are ignoring her, and leaves home.
214Election Daze7/31/43Mickey and Froggy continually split the vote in their club elections.
215Calling All Kids4/24/43The Gang goes on radio to salute the armed forces.
216Farm Hands6/19/43The Gang, city slickers all, visit Mickey's uncle's farm.
217Little Miss Pinkerton9/18/43The Gang helps solve a murder in a local department store.
218Three Smart Guys10/23/43The boys go fishing instead of to school, but an old-timer convinces them they're wrong.
219Radio Bugs4/1/44The Gang wants to go on the radio, and auditions for potential sponsors.
220Dancing Romeo4/29/44Froggy wants to impress a girl by learning to dance.
221Tale Of A Dog4/14/44The last Our Gang short. Buckwheat has a dog named Smallpox, and everyone mistakenly thinks he has the disease Smallpox!

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